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Casino Hacked through Fish Tank

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Casino Fish tank
Casino Fish Tank Hacked (not this one)

As a warning to those interested in the IoT (Internet of Things).
Hackers stole the High Roller Database of a casino using, of all things, a Smart Thermometer.

The hackers used the weak security of the thermometer to connect through to other devices on the casino’s network. They downloaded the database and no doubt it used for a range of targeted Phishing Scams on those listed within ( pun intended 😉 )


IoT devices seem harmless, but can be the week link in any organisation’s security. They rarely have much in the way of encryption or security. They are just inexpensive devices performing mostly one function.

CCTV is a classic example of an IoT device, and have been compromised since at least 2014 as this article explains – the site in question still exists.


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