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PATCH NOW: ASUS RT Wireless routers vulnerable to hack


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30 variants of ASUS’ RT wireless routers are affected by poor cross-site request protection.

RT-AC and RT-N variants using firmware older than version are affected.

The lack of CSRF protection means that if the user has left the default credentials – admin:admin – in place, or if an attacker knows the admin password, a malicious webpage can log into the router when visited by the victim.

An attacker could change the router’s settings such as redirecting the DNS lookups, so requests to websites could be redirected to fake sites.

ASUS has addressed the CSRF issues in a March firmware update

  • CVE-2017-6547, a cross-site scripting bug in the routers’ HTTP daemon.
  • CVE-2017-6549, a session hijack vulnerability in the HTTP daemon.
  • CVE-2017-6548, a remote code execution buffer overflow in the routers’ networkmapcommand.

Get your router patched now if it isn’t already.


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