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1 year on, the NHS still isn’t protected from ransomware

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This time last year the NHS was hit by the Wannacry Ransomware causing over 20,000 appointments and operations to be cancelled.

After almost 12 months of  analysis and 22 recommendations, implementation plans have still not been worked out and no final cost calculated.

The biggest issue for the NHS were the massive number of unpatched Windows PCs particularly those running older versions of Windows.

They were also clearly not running any form of effective AntiVirus Software. However all it takes is one weak link, one unprotected machine with access to the files and it could all happen again.

Even though it seems like something that only “Big Corporations” need, IT Audits and Disaster Recovery Plans are necessary for any business. Even a micro SME needs to know what to do if they suddenly find their files encrypted and a countdown timer pushing them towards an expensive solution.


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