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About Us

Access Devices Asia Sdn. Bhd

Access Devices Asia (ADA) is an MSC status company established in 2005 by our founder, Steve Barnes. We specialise in Software Development and IT Solutions of all kinds, including Mobile Apps and Web Services. Our core skill is problem solving, our team has years of experience in multiple fields of software engineering and management.

We see a need for small to medium sized companies to have experienced technical advice, whether simply for purchasing the correct equipment and software for them to achieve the best efficiency, or security advice and best practices to ensure no down time. Our IT Support and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Consultancy means you can have top level advice without the high monthly costs normally associated with experience.

A Consulting CTO, or Strategic Technology Consulting is often needed by startups particularly if their project involves technology and they don’t have someone in house already.

SMEs that can’t justify the cost of a full-time senior management level expert.


Senior Team

Steve Barnes – CEO/CTO

Linda Min – Development Director

Peter Toh – Project Director

Our core competencies are :

Consultancy      CTO Services
Project Management
System Architecture        Software Development
Web/Cloud Development          Mobile app development
IT Support

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