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Malaysian Domain Name Registration Hidden Charges

I’m currently taking over the technical aspects of a new client’s business, as well as overseeing the development of their website and apps, which hasn’t been managed properly at all for the last 9 months (maybe we’ll name and shame the development company in a future post ;), I’m also setting up their social media, email accounts etc.

Email is where I’ve found something very interesting relating to, I think, mainly Malaysian Domain Registration companies.

The issue is, for all domains I have ever registered I have always had the ability to point that domain name at any server I wished, and set up email addresses which forward to any email account I like, often a gmail address.

Well it seems in Malaysia the common practice is to allow you to register a domain for a standard price between around RM50 – RM90 and then you can do absolutely nothing with it unless you buy a further package.

Some allow you to point your domain at a webserver but no email forwarding without buying a package or setting up your own mail server.

So far the only company I have found that does not charge for Email forwarding or DNS Management are Server Freaks, aka

Malaysia Web Hosting

If you know of others please tweet me and I’ll add them to the list580b57fcd9996e24bc43c53e


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