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Source code released to Banking Malware

A Trojan design to collect banking logins has it’s source code released.

The Russian Trojan developer who failed to profit personally from the trojan has released the source code for his Nuclear Bot, sparking concerns it will be used to create new malware for use in future attacks.

The developer made various mistakes whilst trying to sell his malware which meant he was distrusted by members of underground hacking forums.

The malware was analysed by Arbor Networks in December last year, and found to be functional and viable.

With the source code out in the open, IBM’s researchers said they expect it to be incorporated into other malware. They base their concerns on past leaks of source code for Trojans such as Zeus, Gozi, and Carberp, which have lead to new malware being created.

The Researchers from IBM’s X-Force security believe the trojan will be used in upcoming attacks on bank customers even though has not yet been seen in the wild

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