IT Security, Backup & Disaster Recovery

Antivirus, Backup and Disaster Recovery shouldn’t be something that gives you sleepless nights.

We can provide affordable solutions, and even manage the whole thing for you.


We supply best corporate Antivirus Solutions available Bitdefender Gravity Zone Business Security.

If reliable protection is a top priority, Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security needs to be top of your list. Independent testing labs, love Bitdefender products  due to their highly rated for malware detection, removal, performance and usability.

Most of the features work automatically – antimalware, firewall, web advisor, URL filtering – but you can also customise the product to control user actions. You’re able to restrict access to certain websites and applications, block the transmission of sensitive information, remotely deploy the product to unprotected systems, and allow or deny users the ability to modify their security settings.
You can control and monitor remote users, create and apply custom security policies by user, location (the product adapts when users are outside the company), and more, all from a central console.

Pricing starts at RM85 per PC per year, contact us for more details.


Simply having your files on a network or USB drive is not a secure backup.

Any files you can access directly from your PC are also accessible to a virus or ransomware.

We configure your systems to keep your data backed up properly.

We can provide solutions that synchronise across multiple locations,

Disaster Recovery

A disaster can range from a cup of coffee over your laptop to a raging fire in your office.

It is critical to your business that you recover from that as soon as possible, Our solutions make that possible.

Every document and spreadsheet was encrypted when a client got hit by ransomware after an unprotected PC was used on their network.

With our solutions in place, they were fully recovered within 90 minutes

We provide solutions that keep your data safe, no matter what hits you.

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